covid19 isolation to the people of the USA

This is a post about my crazy Uncle Willie. You would not believe what he said.

 Uncle Willie: : I betcha the President, family and friends have all been vaccinated against COVID-19, you see how they all are huddled up at the press conferences. That’s why Trump isn’t wearing a mask They don’t feel nothing. They just want to drag their feet until all hell breaks out and then you will see the real deal.

Me:  What a terrible thing to say. You are talking about your President.

Him:  You are all caught up in the drama, but when it is all said and done this whole thing is about only one thing and that is winning the election and holding onto power.

 Me: That is a shameful statement and so mean spirited.

 Him: Do you really think a powerful trillion-dollar superpower that can go to the moon can’t get face masks and ventilators  for hospital workers in New York? It is a blue state and Trump detests New York that is why he changed his address to Florida. I betcha all the red states will have them.

 Me: I don’t think you know what you are suggesting.

Him: Remember when he said the virus was a hoax and like a miracle it would disappear? Well what if he was just  putting on the brakes to  buy time to give the virus time to get started.  When things get even worse, people will be begging for him to perform a complete take over to restore order.  See this is just a test run to see how you govern a country in lock down, when do you call out the troops, how you can shut down voter registration drives, how do you keep the stock market moving. You see his people—the right wing—are ready.  Don’t you know gun sales are out of the roof in red states.

 Me: You sound like one of those conspiracy crazies.

 Him: You think because I don’t have a degree, I am stupid.    Good people die when they get in the way of Evil.  In two days, we will be mourning the deaths of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on April 4th and Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, they were killed because they got in the way of conspiracies to grab power.  George Bush sent thousands to war to die over weapons of mass destruction that did not exist in Iraq. The dead are just collateral damage. The leaders mourn,  fake tears, and keep the power.

Me: I still don’t see how this terrible plague will help your president stay in office.

Him:  People will get money, checks in the mail…some will forget the suffering when they see the Benjamins, but the virus will continue and when people see how quick that change goes and they don’t have jobs and the virus is still raging fear sets in. People will be begging for Trump to take over and then the vaccine that they had all along will be administered. And Trump will be their savior.

Me.  Really?

Him:  There is also plan B. Fear alone can keep people from the polls.  There is a right-wing Trump squad out there. They are armed and dangerous They come after people.  See how they are threatening that nice  little doctor Fauci  just because he tells the truth. Truth is always the enemy under Trump  Suppose the word passes that there is going to be violence at the polls by Trump’s White Supremacists groups , many  people won’t come out. Fear. 

 Me: That would never happen.

  Him: There is also plan B. Under martial law, the president can seize banks, seize control of the Internet and media to broadcast his emergency statements. He will have enormous power and since he believes whatever he does is in the public interest and the cowardly GOP will back him up, he can close down the polls and the elections to save the Republic because the Pandemic would make it too dangerous for large groups to go to the voting polls.

 Me: But people could still vote by mail.

 Him:  But do you trust  who would be opening the mail?

  Him:  Want me to tell you why you should not take a vaccine for the virus.

   Me:  No, Enough.…See you later uncle.

I wonder if he is the only one who thinks like that? What are your thoughts on these issues? What “story” do you cling to in this time of confusion?

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