By: Rev Dr. Barbara Reynolds

Barbaraann—Please talk to your aunt Maggie, she’s being mental.

Uncle Willie

What? (he hands over the phone). Aunt Maggie whats up?


(deep breathing) Having nightmares. It’s like Eeeek, I see white people! I see them, and I wake up with my forehead wet with sweat. Willie is accusing me of being mental, but I really see them.

Aunt Maggie

C’mon, do you know how crazy that sounds with you having nightmares about white people. They aren’t all bad, see how all those white kids out there marching.


I know, but these white people all have the same face, babies, old people, teenagers, the same face. It is the face of Trump! The white people all look like Trump. And then I feel a tightness in my neck…like I can’t breathe Eeeeek!

Aunt Maggie

Oh, I see why you are having nightmares, but you know Trump is not bothering elderly women in their bedrooms.


Well, you see how those police pushed down that 75-year-old man, blood pouring from his head.

If Trump’s police will beat up a white man, no telling what they would do to me. Could send tear gas through my vents.

I don’t open my windows no more. But I still don’t want them to defund the police, I saw that on the news.

Big dummies, Defund the police, who you gonna call when there’s trouble, who you gonna call Ghostbusters?

Aunt Maggie

Well Aunt Maggie, let me help you calm down. Trump can’t hurt you; he cannot see black people.

None are on his staff.

And just thinks he went to Dallas this week to talk about race and politics. The three top law enforcement people, the sheriff, the police chief and the DA are all black and he did not invite them.

Trump is color blind. He only sees white. Not to worry Aunt Maggie, you are safe.


Ok. Maybe he can’t see me, but he is gonna feel me. I am gonna vote.

Aunt Maggie

You said that last time, but you didn’t vote.


It’s not that I don’t, I can’t. Don’t you see the long lines, four years ago, the lines at the Democrats polls were three hours long in Ohio.

Don’t you see what is happening in Georgia but in the Republican polling places the news showed the white folks sliding on through.

Since the Democrats know the Republicans gonna mess up things for us, why can’t they get chairs for us, they don’t care about old folks and we the ones that vote. Seniors are being locked out. Big Dummies.

Aunt Maggie

How can you call the Democrats Dummies?


Who told you I was a Democrat? I am a Christocrat. Every Sunday, I sit in the third row from the right, I pay my tithes, I wear a new hat. It just so happens I don’t vote for the devil. John ReynoldsJudi GalesE Carol BurnsHazel EdneyHamil HarrisRichard Prince

Aunt Maggie

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