Trump Liar about corona virus

Trump just can’t stop lying even when our lives depend upon the truth. Wouldn’t you think your impeached president would have the decency to stop lying about the dangers and prognosis of the coronavirus, but his lying is so pathological he just can’t quit.News media reports he has told about 6,500 lies since in office.

While the medical communities and news media were broadcasting that there were 65 more cases of the virus in the United States, he was saying that there were only 15, adding that it would probably just disappear. And to make things worst, he called the virus a hoax and blamed the media for blowing up the situation when countries hit by the virus are closing schools, airports and rushing in health kits.. Then he had bragged about how well the stock market was doing as if as long as the DOW Jones doesn’t plummet all is well. Even that could become sick, if he doesn’t get his head around this. Putting Vice President Pence, who has no background in medicine, except screwing up a needle exchange program, is there to make sure he can muzzle the top scientists from telling us the truth. I worry that government scientists who have the best information will be muzzled for trying to tell the public the truth, like the military brass who were punished for telling the truth under oath at his impeachment.

Thank God for the media that are going around the president to bring us the facts. Meanwhile be in prayer for our country and all those who might be affected. For me, I just anoint my head with oil and keep on trucking.

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