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10 Historians on What People Still Don’t Know About Martin Luther King Jr.


Barbara Reynolds, an author of My Life, My Love, My Legacy by Coretta Scott King as told to the Reverend Dr. Barbara Reynolds:

People are missing the fact that Coretta Scott King was a co-partner with Martin in the greatest and most successful human-rights drive of our era. While she lived she was most often referred to as a wife, and after his death as a widow, but she was more than that. They functioned as a team.

When the movement was getting started, she would give concerts to help fund the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. When the SCLC started in 1957 she presided and gave the first speech. When they were doing the Montgomery bus boycott, one night she was at the house with the baby and there was a thud and the front porch exploded. The next morning Dr. Martin Luther King Sr. came—and he was a very impressive man—and he said he was taking her to Atlanta, that he wasn’t going to let his grandchild get killed in Montgomery. She was only in her 20s, but she looked up at him and said, ‘You don’t understand. I may be married to Martin but I’m also married to the movement.’ She had the courage to stay and lead and raise four children without fear. She knew this was history in the making.


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