Time turned over dr barbara reynolds

I only have only just a minute,

Only sixty seconds in it.

Forced upon me, can’t refuse it,

Didn’t seek it, didn’t choose it,

But it’s up to me to use it.

I must suffer if I lose it,

Give an account if I abuse it,

Just a tiny little minute,

But eternity is in it.

-Dr. Benjamin E. Mays.

In these shut-in days, I am more aware of Time than ever before. I feel I can not count on Time. We don’t know if we are running out of it. We can not control it. WE have been slowed down to think.

Before, we were too busy to call people–a hasty text would do, if at all, That book to write, well just didn’t have time, the books piled up we haven’t read, even for some the Bible. Time moving so fast didn’t have time to ask God, what He wanted us to do with our time.

If God called us home right now, would we hear those penetrating words. Well Done, my good and faithful servants?

If the time between the parenthesis in our rising up and lying down would pen us in and nothing more to be added, would time have limited us or freed us?

As the minutes tick away, can not the foolishness also tick away. Does it really matter who hurt us, did us wrong in the past?

Isn’t the burden of yesterday and unforgiving too much to carry on the slender ream of time we have?

As the doors are closed, our idols have been brought down, can we not take time with ourselves, the person we are or want to be and plan with God’s help, an escape from mediocrity, from selfishness, from addictions? We might just see that God stopped the clock to give us more time to pray and to emerge as our better selves, brand new so when the clock starts again we can run this race with joy, love and grace. Just a bunch of time little minutes but eternity is wrapped on in them.

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