popeyes chicken sandwhich

Don’t taste it or look at it, you will keep coming back. I am trying to stop. I have become a victim of it’s amazing charm myself.

Please do not get the new Pop-eyes chicken sandwich, Strange things are going on. One person has already been stabbed to death fighting over the sandwich, there have been several other fights with people trying to get the thing. I had to see for myself what could be in it that are driving people crazy. I eased into the restaurant. All was quiet, all was orderly. lines were longed but no loony tunes. Finally I got it home, slowly unwrapped it, tasted the toasted bun, the richly seasoned chicken. Delicious. The next day in church, once or twice my mind floated over to Popeyes, I snapped back, but even when my friends took me to lunch, I still thought about I would rather have the Sandwich. After church, I drove as fast I could to Popeyes. it was like it was calling my name. But now I am ashamed. I had just started a carb-free diet. But how can I let it go. Something strange going on with that darn sandwich. Wonder what is their real secret ingredient. Crack?

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NOVEMBER 10, 2019 11:55 AM


  • Doris Martin Neal I think “sugar” is in the flour.
  • Gwendolyn Morris Self control Barbara, self control.
  • Robert Jackson Cousin Barbara I’m sorry to inform you but, just this Saturday I finally got a chance to get the iconic chicken sandwich… and I ordered for in out of the for they gave me an extra 3 without knowing….lol. so this is telling us something?, gave one to my mother and she liked it and that was it
  • Robert Jackson And I just posted a video not that very long check your timeline because the line wasn’t even long it was about 5 people ahead of me on a Saturday
  • Gwendolyn Morris I had one when it first came popular. I didn’t like it.
  • Traycee Gales LOL
  • Don Baker Very funny. Even though I am a vegetarian, I keep telling people that it’s the spices, not the chicken. When I was serving in the military during the Vietnam War, we were served rattlesnake and it tasted just like chicken. Take away the herbs, salt and spice combination and all that is left is some fried chicken that you could have cooked at home. lol
  • Ronald Baker Just between you and me, I think there’s some ground-up weed in that stuff. I refuse to go there. Even white folks are getting hooked in Manassas, VA.
  • Nita Ingram LOLHide or report this
  • Maria Terry I don’t want any chicken sandwich that has potential to take me out of here..sorry I will stick to a salad
  • Neil Williams Someone posted this on Facebook. From the gossip I have heard. The two guys had a beef going on. It came to a conclusion at Popeyes and they blame it on the chicken..
  • Kim Willis Lol
  • Shaya Gardner-Hayum ??????Ashley E. Jackson Dr. Barbara Reynolds this is soo true! I had to Stop! It has to be something addicting in it. Lord help me. I told my husband yesterday that it’s awful-I’ve had about 5 of them since they came out over a week ago! Horrible ??but my location has had them hot, fresh and available ?.. I have neglected ChickFila for about 3 weeks- never did that! ???
  • Lillian A Smith crazy sorry you went for it. I felt something was wrong when all these reports of people of color running for this sandwich. It’s something wrong with all this attention to a damn chicken sandwich and I don’t think they sale them in White neighborhoods. Hope you continue to fight it and go to the doctor for a complete medical check
  • Judith Green-Ramsey I have not had one. Not really a chicken sandwich person. I have not had a desire to try it.
  • Julia Jones Scary
  • E Carol Burns I’ve not tried one but I have thought about it!
  • Marilyn Reddix They are good.
  • Keith Ridley IV Wow..i needed that
  • Tempest Jade Basil Never had one. They don’t cook the chicken well enough for me. Must b that special seasoning. This is the best account of the up close n personal experience with a chicken sandwich.
  • Tempest Jade Basil
  • Julianne Malveaux It ain’t crack, it’s just the hype. I had it. I won’t have it again. Why? Cause it just ain’t all that. Better with some coleslaw on it. But truth be told, Popeyes is not my food of choice. Went there to hook up some friends. Didn’t mind the sandwich but I don’t get they hype.
  • Adrion J. Howell To much sodium I had one and that’s it for me. Not heathy at all.
  • Sheila Bailey Hill I don’t know what’s in it but I haven’t had one yet and I don’t think I’m gonna get one thank you sister Barbara
  • Tonyaa Weathersbee Voodoo…New Orleans…stay away!???
  • Denise Mabry Sands Very good
  • Louise A. Battle Now, that was funny! Still lol!
  • Louise A. Battle But…….the sandwich is good and it is not dry!?
  • Mondrea Jacobs ??????
  • Yashica VK Lol…no shame in a good sandwhich!
  • Ronald R. Hanna I am skeptical about anything mostly black people consume in America that’s been put out by the descendants of the same people who performed the Tuskegee study and put out crack cocaine for blacks and powdered cocaine for whites. If America tells black folks that they are going to get $1000 a week for life from publishers clearing House they’ll be subscribing to better homes and Gardens.
  • Cheryl Townsend Gilkes Try the Burger Chicken Caesar–crispy!

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