Martin Luther King Sr full length interview feature in And Still We Rise Book By Dr Barbara Reynolds and USA Today

Dr. King senior used to talk about the loss of wife Alberta I talk a lot about this in my book My Life, My Love, My Legacy and my book And Still We Rise. He told me that even after losing his son Martin at the hands of a white man and his wife at the hands of a black man he would never stoop low enough to hate anyone.

Out of Hell, Living Well: Healing From the Inside Out

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This is my personal story behind the sound bytes, behind the smiles, and the bright lights. This is a story of what goes on in a troubled soul and a persona drained dry of all self-esteem. It is a story of hellish situations–some I was born in and some I created. The bigger picture, however, is how I not only survived, but also thrived through divine intervention and a spiritual makeover. If you ever felt like you wanted to give up on your dreams, thought that your life would never change; that you would always be rejected or abused, read my story. It will change your life. #innerhealing, #socialjustice

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