Aha, she said, you finally noticed me. And I made you smile

 I HAVE come for 11 years but this is the first you noticed me.

 Did it take a pandemic to see me? Who else have you missed?

In defense I said, “well I was just waiting for the rest to come.”

Swaying in the gentle wind, as if she had hips she could put her hands on them, she replied.

I need no crowd, no applause, no permission to blossom, to bloom. I was born to beautify, just like I am.

When you know who you are, why God made you, you just be the best at what you can be.

 Soon there will be yellow roses and red roses, but I know I, the pink rose, am beautiful just as I am.

 Have you noticed how when the wind blows, I just rock and flow. 

  I just hold on and dare not let go

 Because I am a messenger, a sign, a signal, that a new season is here.

  Don’t miss the point that is why I appear.

  I never arrive in gloom or doom, I only come to bring the new

  You see, today I brought you joy. You smiled.

  My purpose has come forth.

pink rose

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