Martin Luther King Sr. Read more in the book by Dr Barbara Reynolds, "And Still We Rise" where you can read the full interview from November 24th, 1982 and Jan 16, 1984

The most simple explanation is that we have a hater-in-chief as your president. Hateful, derogatory language about black and brown people coupled with his inability to denounce the hateful alt-right violence in Charlottesville Va which extolled anti-Semitism has emboldened hate groups. America is reaping what is being sown from the top and we must do all we can to reach up while haters are trying to pull us down.

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FINALLY white Evangelicals might be putting Christ over politics. I knew Rev. Billy Graham personally. He wrote a letter to Howard University to recommend their acceptance of me as a divinity student. I believe if he were alive he would stand up for those who the president is hurting, like those who are being removed from health care, those whose food stamps have been cut and the brown immigrant children who have been separated from their families in one of the greatest demonstrations of child abuse. I hope Pastor John Hagee, Huckabee and the other political Christians are paying attention.