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Today is the 93rd birthday of Coretta Scott King, who died in January.
For 30 years she was my mentor and friend. She honored me by allowing me to write her memoirs: My Life, My Love, My Legacy. I pray that one day we will honor and celebrate her birthday. Here was a woman who spent 15 years of her life to help make her husband, one of the greatest martyrs of our generation a holiday and after his birthday served this country for more than three decades as an activist and political voice for good. Here are at least three aspects you should know about her.

Made Me Feel We Were Back in 1950s” Coretta Scott King Memoirist on Silencing of Elizabeth Warren

The Senate has confirmed Jeff Sessions as the United States attorney general after a 52-47 vote Wednesday evening. Sessions’s confirmation has faced widespread protests over his opposition to the Voting Rights Act and his history of making racist comments. The vote capped a contentious 24 hours that began Tuesday night, when Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren was silenced and rebuked by the Senate for reading a 1986 letter written by Coretta Scott King denouncing Sessions, who was at the time being considered for a federal judgeship. For more, we speak with Rev. Dr. Barbara A. Reynolds. She worked with Coretta Scott King on her memoir, “Coretta Scott King: My Life, My Love, My Legacy.”

grit and grace of coretta scott king

Every day that he holds the Presidency, Donald Trump does something outrageous. He blusters, he just plain lies, and he bullies. He pushes his decisions, his executive orders, down the throats of a Congress that he dominates. Why not let the democratic process work and let them vote to build a wall and pay for it, instead of insisting, by executive order, that the wall will be built. In just one short week as President, he has demeaned our democracy and our voters, caused international turmoil, and more. But he is doing exactly what he said he would do.