It is so cold out there, I thought Queen Rose would have folded by now. She has been beaten so viciously by harsh winds, bending her over backwards, only to recoil, but now—with all the other roses gone, don’t know why she is still there.  If I had a tiny soft little blanket, befitting such beauty, I would graciously wrap her up and protect her.
   She came to me in March in the start of the Pandemic with a promise of hope at a time when my spirit was low, but somehow her coming announced a newness, something good was about to happen. Her beauty and purpose lifted me.

 Most roses disappear somewhere, hibernate, retire maybe take a vacation. I watched her being bent over backwards from the wind, shaking, but not breaking.  Sometimes I too feel like I am shaking near breaking. I was awed by her will to stand strong.

 Once I looked behind her beautiful pink petals and I saw two tight little buds, days later I saw the buds had opened, looking so much more beautiful than Queen Rose  who was now fragile from the shaking and jerking and bruising of the wind against her thin frame.

  So, I wondered why Queen kept standing, who would have blamed her for leaving like all the others did in the midst of storms.

  But once I trained my eye on how the little bud darlings behind her were now standing up straight and proud,  braving storms just like Queen Rose.  I understood it is all about legacy.

   Life is about going forward despite not just for the future, but what and who is behind you.

  Queen Rose Is about building legacy.  She hangs on despite the winds, the storm, because she knows who is behind her. Her little buds are now feeling her  strength and are passing it on. 

 So now I feel she has done her job. She can retire peacefully.  I feel her pain,  but I also feel her victory. What a legacy to finish STRONG.


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