President Biden must stop with the passive approach to voter oppression. The Republicans are unified to use all means from violence, to sabotage, to corrupt laws to deny people of color their right to vote. Biden made a tough speech, but we need more than tough words. Words will only get us so far, we need action to combat voter oppression. If the filibuster rule is the means by which we can have a weapon to fight the GOP who are hell-bent on destroying democracy, then fix it. 

Biden must remember that the black vote was the key to him becoming president, winning the Senate, and getting rid of dictatorial Trump. Lose this and we all lose the route to living in a vibrant democracy. This doesn’t just affect black voters, but all of America loses. Biden has done a good job passing an infrastructure bill with bi-partisan support, but since the Republicans and the Democrats don’t want to drive across perilous bridges, that doesn’t mean the GOP has any goodwill left in their hearts or souls. 

Time to Fix Our Democracy

Fixing potholes is not on par with the urgent need to fix our democracy. Our nation remains to be in a desperate crisis. We are in danger of being governed by a mob rule, by gangsters who will break every rule to deny black people their right to vote. Many black lives have been ruthlessly taken from us to fight voter oppression. 

President Biden, enough with the speeches. Lead through action. You are dealing with heartless, ruthless, selfish, violent partisans. No more Mr. Nice guy when it comes to voting rights. As our leader, you cannot take the passive approach and expect the problems to work themselves out. Lead us, and take action. Make the change that is so desperately needed.

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