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Overcoming fear is winnable. I have been fighting this practically all my life and each step I take in faith the stronger I get. Last week fear rose up in me almost overwhelming. I was told I had to take an MRI because they had a spot on my liver. Ironically, I didn’t fear bad news about the spot because I knew God would handle it, but somehow the thought of getting in a tube and being locked in with mechanical sounds pounding in my ear just filled me with anxiety.

I couldn’t sleep I had three decisions ignore the MRI, spend 1,000 for one outside my plan which provided for an open MRI where you are not locked in. Finally, I felt like a hypocrite because one of my favorite verses that I tell others is God does not give me the spirit of fear but of love, power and a sound mind. I knew this fear was not of God then it had to be that big lying bully the devil. So, in my spirit I shut his mouth. He was telling me what if the machine got stuck and I got stuck in it. No, I had friends pray and somehow, I ran across a mask in my house I didn’t know I had.

I had a prayer partner Min. Kathy Queen with me. I laid down on the mat, they closed the door and as I ascended into the darkness, in my spirit I heard a quiet refreshing voice that took me through some real frightful events successful, like his breathing for me when I stopped breathing during a surgical procedure. I clearly heard his voice softly saying I did that. So many things he prevented, delivered me from He said, “I did that.”

I felt so reassuring so safe in his arms, when I left the building to rejoin my friend, I was crying. Not tears of fear but rejoicing that God had met me at my weakest point.

Once again, when fear tried to show up, my God had already conquered it. I know He will do it again. Not just for me but for you.

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