new years eve 2020

  Women if you are the first to pay a visit on New Year’s Day, you just might get insulted if you show up before a male does.  In some cultures, if women are single, they will find a man to visit them first, so they will not encounter bad luck the rest of the year.  I grew up hearing this . Think this is wacked, consider what some others are doing.

 Eat black-eyed-peas and pig feet. My grandmother used to force me to eat at least one pea, and a tiny piece of the pig foot.  As soon as I grew up, I skipped both, but many people still do this.

  Kiss at Midnight  Grab someone you love to kiss before the clock strikes midnight and that love won’t melt for the next 12 months.

  Eat 12 Grapes at Midnight, one for each month.  This started in Spain and is supposed to bring you luck the rest of the year.

  Stock up your cupboards because bare cupboards symbolize poverty which will follow you the rest of the year.

  GRIP YOUR CASH.  Fill your wallets with cash, and don’t start the year with any unpaid debts, or you could set a precedent for the months ahead.

 Open your doors at Midnight—even if its freezing outside so you can let the Old Year out and welcome in the New One.

Don’t you dare cry because tears shed on New Year’s Day can set off a tsunami of sadness the rest of the year.

 STAY IN THE house until someone enters first. And in Scotland, the first person in usually brings a gift.

Beware of lobster dishes.  Since they move backwards, some cultures believe you will be backing up all year if you eat them.

Don’t clean you house or wash your dishes because you just might be sweeping good luck out.  Now that one I like.   For me, I just go to church New YEARS EVE. That’s my assurance of blessings for the rest of the year.

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