“Messiah” an original Netflix series is so mesmerizing I can’t stop watching it. A Christ-type figure begins showing up in the Middle East and also in the Bible Belt in the USA.  Crowds follow him, he walks on water, and heals the sick. His actions which actually hurt no one and inspires many enrages the media, the CIA and FBI gets involved and millions quit work to follow him.  Makes you wonder what would we do if someone like that showed up in our lives amid strange occurrences and people thought he was the Messiah? Would this be blasphemous, acceptable? Would you lock him up, embrace him, or scream FALSE PROPHET?

Here is some of the content from the original article, what do you think?

An interesting narrative explored in “Messiah” is Al-Masih’s relationship with a Baptist minister who was losing his faith when he came across the Messiah-like character. While the minister initially acknowledges that the Bible says the second coming of Christ will be in the clouds, he’s later converted and joins Al-Masih in his quest to fulfill what they believe to be “God’s will.” The minister even calls the man “the savior.”

“History has ended,” the edgy, high cheek boned Al-Masih repeats several times in the series. He also calls for world peace and says he is “here to bring about the world to come.”

Other topics discussed in the provocative series include abortion, infertility, alcoholism, and prostitution. After each episode, viewers are left feeling like they have no idea who this Messiah-like character is, they only know that he claims to be promoting equality among all people and considers himself to be a vessel for truth.

Packed with several solid teachings and the resounding message that sin brings punishment, season 1 of “Messiah” ends with the implication that Al-Masih might be either a hoaxer, a magician or a radical terrorist.

“‘Messiah’ is a series that will have the audience asking big questions. What if someone showed up in 2019 amid strange occurrences and was thought to be the Messiah? What would society do? How would the media cover him? Would millions simply quit work? Could government’s collapse?,” Burnett and Downey ask viewers to consider before streaming the series.

The series ends with the mystery surrounding Al-Masih’s true identity left unanswered.  

“Messiah” is now available on Netflix. The series is rated TV-MA (for mature audiences only), because it contains foul language and graphic sex scenes.


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