Megachurch puts popularity ahead of religion

As I understand about 1,000 of these tickets are going for $300 each. Kanye, the one who said slavery was an option for blacks and has endorsed Trump and whose family has business interest with Trumps may be 2020’s best Trojan Horse. Young people are flocking in droves to his religious concerts, which are greatly supported by Trump supporters and he boldly encourages young people to vote for church. He is the one who set the stage for a black rally for Trump recently in Atlanta. Pastors and preachers, many of whom are sitting silent, while blacks are occurring one of the worst setbacks in modern history, ought to also have youth events and tell our story that God cares about the poor, the children locked up in cages and those who are being made homeless by the greedy politicians, of which the GOP are the main leaders. If we don’t wake up Kanye and his crowd and the GOP will have herded our youth to vote for Trump who is trying to destroy black and brown people. Wake up and stand up.

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Here is what some of my Facebook followers shared- Don’t forget to drop a comment under the article

Don Baker: “If Kanye West thinks that slavery was a choice, then it’s clear that STUPIDITY is his choice.”

Barbara Burke: “Call a meeting of churches and see who shows…”

Ing A Williams: “Preach!”

Shaya Gardner-Hayum: “????”

Louise A. Battle: “Thank you for being a Voice! Never Shut Up!
Where is our Black leadership? ……Thank God for the Barbara Reynolds and the Roland Martin’s!
Everyone has to affect those around them and tear the layers back so others can see. Help your families to see! Is anybody teaching from the pulpit on this reality???
I think not……..tell FEAR to go to hell! You won’t get no Amens and shouts of Hallelujah on this one!
The Word said we are to be bold as Lions! Where the Lions and the Lionesses?”


Raven Carrington: “Excellent observation!”


Jane Caulton: “If Kanye us using the name of the Lord for I’ll-gain, the Lord will take care of it. Trust God.”

Dean Clarence Lumumba James: “It’s a shame that we don’t know àny better than to follow a fool!. Shows the power of the media.”

Janice Bennett: Philippians 1:18

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