kanye west and mega churches

I warned you that Kanye’s religious activities were linked to support of Trump. Kanye helped paved the way for Trump to host a group of blacks in Atlanta next week and is wooing blacks to Trump and appealing for them to vote for Trump. How shameful. Kanye and Kim lead a multi-millionaire life style that has nothing to with the rest of us and Trump knowing how serious many of us take religion is using Kanye to get young people to vote for him at the same time he is killing affirmative actions and packing the judiciary with racist judges. Shame on Kanye.

Here is the link to the full story: https://newsone.com/3893524/pastor-jamal-bryant-kanye-west-sunday-service/?fbclid=IwAR2y0qkR4ywo8GvAIrb-BFAsrFhaAXuTJJaSwPJ5D6Hr7yZ3ISyy0jqdaGI

What are people saying on Facebook about this?:

Barbara Burke: HYPOCRITES

Kia Jackson: Kanye west I don’t even like him anymore he’s so stupid and dumb

Edward R. Davis Jr.: Not so fast! The Jenners and Khardasians are a blended family and Jenner owns an aviation company selling small aircraft and helicopters to billionaires, most of whom no doubt are trump cronies, and possibly federal government (there is no way to be sure unless you are an insider). Kayne is probably under orders – DON’T SCREW UP.

Lillian A Smith : a shame

Raven Carrington: The blind leading the blind.

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