I was in the miraculous moment at the White House for the celebration of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson the first Black woman elevated to the U.S. Supreme Court.


The crowd erupted when her parents walked to the front. Just think they were forced to attend segregated schools but today they can see their daughter on the highest court of the land. I truly am filled with joy.

For Black people this promised perfect union is not a straight line, it is often jagged and two steps forward and five steps backward. It took 215 years for America to have a Black woman on the Supreme Court, but when it happened it was reaffirmed nothing is impossible for those who believe in the God of the Highest Court, who never lost a case and never fails.

When the Justice spoke she thanked all of us who have been praying so hard for her, We watched as she was abused in the hearings by angry, ignorant white men. But in the End she made it. She persevered. In the pictures below are me with Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton and Daun Hester, who is co-chair of Black Women For Positive Change

A Black female vice president and a Black female finally on the Supreme Court, something I never dreamed could happen as a child and young person growing up. God is worthy to be praised, but while this is a great honor, we must never take our minds off of voter suppression that is trying to rob blacks as a whole voting rights. When Blacks are not allowed to vote, we all lose, and democracy is torn asunder.

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