joe biden speaks at george floyd funeral

No more will I refer to Trump as the President. As I watched vice president Biden speak at George Floyd’s funeral through video I felt I was already looking at our real President of these United States.

The other impeached president, sheltered behind tanks and walls in DC kept an endless number of divisive tweets, most of them supporting more enforced law, the kind that bulldozed and shot pellets at peaceful demonstrators.

While the nation and the world grieved, not once has Trump attended any of Floyd’s three home-goings. Since President Obama left us, we have had a dictator, an oppressor, a liar and a White Supremacist. To me this disqualifies. So to me the presidency is vacant until someone worthy of that honor comes.

For now that person is Joe Biden. The real President of the United States, Joe Biden is standing up for equality, for justice, for honor. Julianne MalveauxKeith L Magee Hazel EdneyJudi Gales

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