Is God trying to tell the GOP something? So many have tested positive for Covid 19–since the Rose Garden ceremony to rush through the new Supreme Court Justice. This maneuver is slated to finally get rid of Obama Court, which makes sure that millions will be denied health care especially those with pre-existing illnesses. And while thousands are dying Trump’s lawyers are in courts trying to block it. And this Justice is in Trump’s game plan that if he loses, he can holler it was rigged and throw it to the Supreme Court which he has packed. But seems those engaged in such a diabolical plot are falling like dominoes and I believe more will follow. I do not want anyone to suffer from the virus.. And I know these bigwigs are getting the red carpet care, where some of us are being turned away from crowded hospitals. Nevertheless maybe they should stop plotting and planning and perhaps maybe the pox on their houses will be removed.

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