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In this over-the top toxic atmosphere, Gayle King is receiving death threats after she asked Kobe Bryant’s friend Lisa Leslie a question about a sexual assault charge against the much beloved Kobe Bryant years ago.

The charge was dismissed after the accuser did not show up in court. King even wondered aloud during the interview whether it was too soon to bring the matter up. After all services have not been held for the star who was killed along with seven others in January.

There is a question of timing though. Usually people respect the deceased by bringing up the good and overlooking the bad at least until funeral arrangements have taken place. But even if King did not honor that custom, brothers such as Snoop Dog, living up to his name, should not have threatened and cursed her. After all, painters paint, skaters skate and journalists ask questions.

That’s what they do. When people disagree with someone, we write letters, call them, not openly threaten to kill them. As a result of such hateful attacks at the top, our nation is over-heated, angry people are over the edge just waiting to blow up. We all need to calm down, quit hating, be respectful of each other and try to act like we have some home training.

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