George floyd holding a bible

Here is George Floyd holding a Bible. Did you know he worked in ministry and was a role model for many. In all the media reports we have not heard about his Christian commitment.

He was a gentle giant, non-violent and as all of us honor his memory let us not disgrace his memory with arson and looting. This dishonors him. It also dishonors our past. And plays right into the hand of Trump.

He is going to rise out of this as the white man’s savior, the Law and Order Man, the same play book Richard Nixon used in 1969. Please think and act strategically. Protest is our first Amendment right but do it peacefully. Seek the Grace for self-control.

The other night I had a nightmare thinking about Floyd. It could have been my son. But Floyd is our son. Let us respect his memory. Hamil HarrisHazel Edney Kathy Queen!

Here is a reference for this story at Christian Post

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