sacrificing the elderly population to open for business


   Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick faced a backlash Tuesday for suggesting that fellow seniors should risk their health for the sake of the economy during the COVID-19 pandemic.  A Republican friend of President Trump, Patrick made that awful suggestion as  he defended the  president’s push to reopen businesses in a matter of weeks despite dire warnings from public health officials that the worst is yet to come.

     At age 77, I maybe be old, but I am not about to sacrifice my life for the good of the economy . In fact, my great grandparents who were slaves have already sacrificed their lives for rich white folks and I will be darn if I would do it again.

   This kind of ignorant talk of finding scapegoats to justify mistakes and to obscure tragic upheavals was the racist ideology that fueled the Nazis destruction of 6 million Jews, of the Imprisonment of Japanese American citizens and of course separating immigrant families and treating black Americans as human animals during slavery. If those anti-aging sentiments take shape in hospitals, if there are two persons needing a respirator and one is 80 and the other is 18, would the senior have an equal chance to life.

    In the impeached president’s Covid-19 sideshows, he waxes impressively about the stock market climbs and how its health will help him at the polls, but there are other health numbers he overlooks because the truth might bring the market down, which would touch what he really cares about the bottom line affecting his hotels and resorts. , 

     This is what he should be talking about: More than 200 deaths from Covid-19 were reported Wednesday in the USA- a new high for fatalities recorded in a single day .The dramatic spike brought the number of deaths since the outbreak reached the US in late January to at least 908. On Sunday morning– the nationwide total was 326 deaths, according to CNN’s data derived from state reports. More than 64,000 people in the United States have now had a positive test for the novel coronavirus.

 While the Republicans also like to talk about the virus is mostly harming older people like those old geezers don’t count. The World Health Organization reports that of  those known to  be hospitalized in intensive care,  36% were aged 45-64 years and 12% were aged 20-44 years. 

    In Lombardi, Italy there are 1,800 young people in intensive care; it was reported that two infants have tested positive in San Diego and in Washington DC last week the nine most recent cases hospitalized with the virus  eight of them ranged in ages from 18 to 55.

  Trump’s  statements of opening up businesses without regard to the sick whose numbers are rising is wholesale bottom-line lunacy while the scientists around him are pleading with him to keep the social distancing policies  in place to combat the infections.

   Covid-19 is an equal opportunity killer, it does not exempt any age, race or income group, although I would not be surprised if the Trump family and friends already have a vaccine that would protect them, which may be why those in his cabinet have nothing to worry about, like the rest of us.

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