In my book, The Life, Love and Legacy of Coretta King, she said, “On April 4, 1968, I felt my heart was ripped apart. This was the trail of the century, but the trial of O.J. Simpson was covered by thousands, only a very few carried this trial. If such a crime and cover-up could happen to a man of my husbands’ stature with no consequences, it could happen again. And I want everyone to be aware of what we know”. You can read the report for yourself on line and also read the report of the U.S. Justice Department, who of course, denounced it.

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I have been fighting this practically all my life and each step I take in faith the stronger I get. Last week fear rose up in me almost overwhelming. I was told I had to take an MRI because they had a spot on my liver. Ironically, I didn’t fear bad news about the spot because I knew God would handle it, but somehow the thought of getting in a tube and being locked in with mechanical sounds pounding in my ear just filled me with anxiety.

MLK JR 2021 Celebration at FSU

Florida State University will honor the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. during its 33rd Annual MLK Week from Monday, Jan. 18, through Friday, Jan. 22. The weeklong celebration will feature a range of events, including virtual offerings, inspired by the theme “The Black Women in Our Lives.”

Until we can understand violence is not normal and we continue to dismiss black-on-black murder we will lose many valued souls. In the nation’s capital, around where I live many people go to bed every night with the sound of gunshots ringing in their ears, afraid to let their children come out and play. Elderly people cannot go sit on their porch for fear of being killed like Mrs. Lucas Silence will not help this. Black People have two terrible problems. Them and Us and until we solve both we be merely surviving and not thriving.

covid19 isolation to the people of the USA

There is also plan B. Under martial law, the president can seize banks, seize control of the Internet and media to broadcast his emergency statements. He will have enormous power and since he believes whatever he does is in the public interest and the cowardly GOP will back him up, he can close down the polls and the elections to save the Republic because the Pandemic would make it too dangerous for large groups to go to the voting polls.

In 1968 used his skills as a defensive tackle to disarm Sirhan Sirhan, who assassinated Robert Kennedy. The shooting took place while Kennedy was campaigning for the Democratic nomination for president and Grier, a close friend in attendance, wrestled Sirhan down until police came. Grier was not only a skilled athlete but also an actor and singer.

This new bombshell is the release of allegations in former national security adviser John Bolton’s book manuscript that President Trump had illegally tied military aid to Ukraine contingent on probes into former Vice President Joe Biden, Trump’s most feared political rival. In Bolton’s not-yet-published book, this account is not hearsay but allegedly firsthand conversations that Bolton had with Trump and key advisers, such as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.