And Still We Rise Interviews with 50 black influencers dr barbara reynolds

 In honor of Black History month, each day I will be sharing with you profiles of 50 amazing African American role models who I interviewed in 1985 for my book And Still We Rise.  Some, like Maya Angelou, who allowed me to re-frame the title of her poem And Still I Rise for my book, Dick Gregory, Dr. Martin Luther King, Sr. and Arthur Ashe have made their heavenly transitions.

Others like Malcom-Jamal  Warner of the Cosby Show were just being discovered. And some like astronaut Guion Bluford you might not know but you should. And of course, there are those like Bill Cosby whose fame has been buried under an avalanche of tragic mistakes.

Nevertheless, here they are 35 years later with lessons learned and lessons to share.  Some like Oprah Winfrey who shared her future goals with me 35 years ago revealed the key to the success she was confident she would accomplish. All this is here for you in one easy to read volume for your family and friends to celebrate those who have brought us this far and leave with us the strength to continue our journey. Here are a few excerpts from And Still We Rise. I hope you will cherish their stories as much as I have.

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