Rosey Grier, born in 1932, will always be remembered as the pro-football star with the Los Angeles Rams.

In 1968 used his skills as a defensive tackle to disarm Sirhan Sirhan, who assassinated Robert Kennedy. The shooting took place while Kennedy was campaigning for the Democratic nomination for president and Grier, a close friend in attendance, wrestled Sirhan down until police came.

Grier was not only a loyal friend and a skilled athlete, but he was also an actor and singer. He appeared in movies, such as The Desperate Mission and in TV shows such as The Man From Uncle.

Even so, he had to fight back depression and thoughts of suicide, which subsided after he became a born-again Christian. He eventually launched a community program in Los Angeles that has helped hundreds of disadvantaged youths.

He became a Protestant minister in 1983 and is devoting his life to helping the unprivileged. In 1986, he published his autobiography ‘The Gentle Giant.’

I was able to interview him with USA Today that was published December 26th, 1987 and you will see more about these stories including his struggle with suicide.

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