Continue performing Good Trouble in Rep. John Lewis’ name. It took me a while to post this picture of Rep. John Lewis and me because it was a painful admission that I had to say goodbye. This is what good, decency and bravery looks like.

If he had been fighting in an armed war, he would have been a general. But he stood up unarmed, surrendering his body to be bloodied and jailed time after time.

He was a general in one of the world’s most successful revolution why so many people of many races made it across the finish line to quasi-equality. Don’t let his contributions be wasted. His famous words were to raise Good Trouble. It is time to break the silence.

All of us must become good troublemakers, fight against Trumpism. Our lives depend upon it. Julianne MalveauxHazel EdneyJynona NorwoodOliver BuieTroy ShanklinTraycee GalesBobette Greene Brown

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