Woman of the spirit award
4th Annual Woman of The Spirit Award
75 years of serivce
Rev. Dr. Barbara Reynolds standing with Bishop Alfred Owens, Jr. Pastor of Greater Mr Calvary Holy Church. On this day He honors Rev. Dr Barbara Reynolds on her 75th birthday and for 25 years of services for the church and all people.


Academic Preparation 

Specialized Training 



  1. Min. in Pastoral Counseling 

December 1997, United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio 

Concentration in Addictions: Building Models of Care for Addicted Women and Their Families   

Dissertation:  Harriet’s Children: A Theological Model of Deliverance for Women Addicted to Drugs or Alcohol 

Advisors:  Dr. Marsha Foster Boyd, Dr. Claudette Copeland      

M.A. in Religious Studies 

December 1991, Howard University School of Divinity Washington, DC Concentrations: Feminist, Womanist, and Black Theologies;     


Thesis: The Sister Within, Reflections on Women and Spirituality  

Neiman Fellow 

1976-1977, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 

Concentrations: Journalism/Constitutional Law 

B.A. in Journalism 

1967, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio 

Concentrations: News writing and reporting 

November 2002-July 2003 

Completion of 174 hours of training in pharmacology, human development, HIV/AIDS, mental health disorders and related matters as part of Addictions Counselors Training Program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration, Center for Substance Abuse Treatment and the District of Columbia Office of Alcohol Prevention and Recovery Administration. 


Introduced and established a new curriculum Sept. 2019 : On Where is God in Technology: The Theology of Technology at the Calvary Bible Institute, Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church, Washington, DC   Contact Dean McNair: 202-529-4547 

Coretta Scott King Fellow at the Howard Gotlieb Research Center at Boston University. 2017 to Present 

Activities include lecturing and participating in social justice presentations and working with students on civil rights projects. Contact: Vita Palladino, 617-353-3696   


Lecturer at the Barach Bible School Boston, MA, 2015 to present Course sessions include: The History of Blacks in the Bible and also the End Times. 

Contact Dr. Keith Magee, 617-861-5015.  

Lecturer at the Calvary Bible Institute, Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church, 2013 to the present.  Subjects taught include: The Black Presence in the Bible and God and Technology. The End Times.   Contact Dr. Karen McNair, 202-529-4547     

Columnist for The Washington Post, 2011 to Present 

Articles primarily concentrate on poverty, cultural, social, religious and economic issues.  

Contact Chris Jenkins, 202-334-9212. 

Project Director for the AARP Carebuddies Pilot Program which educates, informs and provides resources for those caring for the infirmed elderly. April 2013 to present.  

Contact Winifred Watson-Florence, 202-434-3655.   

Visiting professor in The Honors Program at Central State University. Spring Quarter- January-June 2009. 

Designed curriculum for Honors Program which included twelve weeks of lectures on the topic “The New World Order: From President Barack Obama to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr”. Within this framework the course explored issues of class struggle, patriarchy, new media, character building, warfare and the Black Church. As a part of the course, I designed a program called TAG (Talented African-American Griots) which consisted of selected distinguished individuals being in the classrooms via telephone to interact with students.   

Adjunct Professor- Howard University School of Divinity 2005-2009 Designed curriculum for Prophetic Ministry and the Media. This is a four-hour course that includes a practicum requiring students to create and implement media projects that advance the cause of social justice in such areas from HIV, to Internet Sex, to the dropout rate among African-American males. This course was combined with a three-hour course on Religion and the Media. 

Contact: Dr. Bertram Melbourne, 202-806-0500 

Convening Mentor, Mentorship in Religion and Journalism: 

Ethical Perspectives and Practices   

2004-2009 Howard University School of Communications and the 

Spiritual and Ethical Dimensions of Leadership Initiative Sponsors Dr. Bernard L. Richardson, Dean of the Chapel and SEDL Project Director and Dr. Jeanette Dates, Dean of the John. H. Johnson School of Communications.   Designed and conducted inaugural mentorship program in religion and journalism focusing on the ethical dimensions of leadership. Lectures and provides hands-on instruction in reporting and writing about the impact of religion in society and offers guidance on ethical decision-making in careers and personal life. 



National Newspaper Publishers Association, Nov. 2004-Present Columns on religion, political and social issues for the Association which provides news commentary for 200 African-American newspapers with an estimated readership of 10 million.   Contact Hazel Edney, 202-588-8764 


Special Assistant to Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson, Member of Congress and Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus 

U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, DC. 1999-2002 

Wrote speeches and opinion columns, produced and wrote scripts for weekly cable TV show, and held press briefings and conferences. 

Radio Host, Reynolds Rap 

WOL, XM, Satellite Radio and Radio One 

Hosted weekly radio talk show on social, political, economic issues facing the nation.  1998-2008   

Freedom Forum Teaching Scholar 

Florida A&M University Tallahassee, FL   

Taught news writing and journalism ethics; lectured and held seminars on journalism and civil rights and African-American history; worked with campus radio and television production; and served with the campus ministry. 1997 

Contact, Dr. James Hawkins, Department of Journalism 

Start-up Editor, Editorial Board Member, and Weekly Columnist 

USA Today, Washington, DC, 1983-1996 

Traveled state-by-state to launch the newspaper with founder, Al Neuharth; served as Inquiry Editor, conducted interviews with U.S. presidents Cabinet members, members of congress and other major leaders; participated in shaping editorial positions on global and national policy issues; wrote the newspaper’s position on the editorial page; wrote weekly column on issues facing the nation.      

Jessie Ball DuPont Teaching Scholar 

1995, Shenandoah University, Winchester, VA 

Contact Dr. James Davis, University President  

Taught news writing journalism, current events; mentored students; served in the campus ministry. 


1983-84/1986-87  The Delta Journal  Washington, DC The Delta Journal is the official publication of Delta Sigma Theta, a public service sorority founded at Howard University. 


1969-1979 Chicago Tribune, Chicago Today, Chicago, IL   Covered politics, civil rights, and demonstrations, promoted in 1977 to Washington Bureau covering the Carter White House Urban Policy.   

International Editor, Columnist, and Co-founder 

1975-1990, Dollars & Sense Magazine, Chicago, IL   



Coretta Scott King: A memoir, As Told to Rev. Dr. Barbara A. Reynolds published Jan. 15, 2017 

A Revelation: Walking Backwards Into the Footsteps of Saint Solange by Dr. Solanges Vivens. (Ghostwritten project, published May, 2016. 

TECHNOLOGY AND GOD:  How worship of the created is replacing the Creator: a literary work in progress suited for college and church programs. (Expected publishing 2020.)   

Doing Good In the Hood: The Life, Legacy and Leadership of Bishop Alfred Owens Jr., International Graphics, Washington D.C., and September 2007.       

Out of Hell and Living Well: Healing from the Inside Out: Xulon Press, USA; 2004   

NO I Won’t Shut UP:  30 Years of Telling It Like It Is:  JFJ Publishing, Temple Hills, MD 20757; 1998 

And Still We Rise: 50 Black Role Models, Gannett News Media, 

McLean, VA; 1985 

Jesse Jackson: America’s David, republished and updated by JFJ Publishing, Temple Hills, MD; 1984 

Jesse Jackson: The Man, The Movement & The Myth, Nelson Hall 

Publishing, Chicago, IL; 1975 


Twenty news columns published in the Washington Post 2013-2016. 

Regular contributor of columns to the Trice-Edney wire service. 2012 to present 

More than 100 articles published in Ebony, Essence Magazine, the 

National Newspaper Association newspapers and on The Black World Today website under the by-line of Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson, 1999-2002 

The Choice: The Issue of Black Survival in America by Samuel Yette, foreword by Barbara Reynolds, Cottage Books, Silver Spring, MD More than 450 columns, 250,000 words as a columnist for USA TODAY 1989-1996-(see Index) 

The Real Coretta Scott King, The Washington Post op-ed page, February 6, 2006 

A Mother’s Day Miracle, The Washington Post op-ed page, May 7, 2005 

Portrait of a Real Patriot, profile of Carla Hayden, president of the 

American Library Association, Issues Column, in Essence Magazine,  July 2004  

The Reynolds Washington Report, column in Dollars & Sense magazine’s Spring Annual Report 2002 

Speaking Truth to Power, an editorial, Purpose Magazine, May/June 2002 

Taking a Stand Against Slavery, column, Washington Post opinion page, Sunday, July 15, 2001 (explains why I became the first woman arrested and jailed for protesting at the Sudanese Embassy in Washington, DC) 

The Sister Within: The Perennial Dependable Source of 

Empowerment, The Center for Research on African-American Women, 2000, vol. 1.no. 1, pp. 23-25 

Who Gets in the Debates? Covering the 1996 Presidential Campaign, 

Media Studies Journal, Winter, pp. 55-61, 1997 

Playing the Race Card, Sojourners Magazine: Faith, Politics, and Culture, May/June 1995  

The Destruction of Black Doctors, Dollars & Sense, 1994  

The Lesson of Lani Guinier, Essence Magazine, August, 1993 

Charity Begins Within: Do Something For Yourself, Essence 

Magazine, April, 1993 

Seminary Graduates Look Back, Christianity & Crisis, Vol. 52, no. 566, April 13, 1992 

It’s Time To Take a New Look at King, JFJ Slayings, The Daily News of the Virgin Islands, Dec. 20, 1991 

U.S. Foreign Policy and the Third World (cover story) June/July, 1980 

Carter Ready to Unveil Plan To Spend Billions on Cities, news article, Chicago Tribune, March 23, 1978 

Inside Komeni’s Iran by Dick Gregory with Barbara Reynolds, Playboy Magazine, 1980  

I Am Acting in The Name of Martin Luther King Jr.” (cover story of Coretta Scott King) Chicago Tribune, Jan. 1976 

 ARTICLES or TV appearances 

  • Newspaper Columnist Turned Minister Helps Women Fight 

Addiction:  Charisma Magazine, feature profile, February issue, 2004 

  • Talking Peace After 911, Essence Magazine, September, 2002  
  • Warrior at Peace: How Reynolds was drawn by the Spirit, by Alexis 

Moore, Essence Magazine, January 1993    

  • Library Hosts biographer, The Anchorage Times, April 1, 1986 
  • Politicking in the Fields of the Lord. Book World, The Washington Post, June 1, 1975 





      United Kingdom CORETTA KING BOOK TOUR; spoke in 

                                            Parliament in the Palace of Westminster March 14, 2018, on

     March 19, 2018 at the University College, London hosted by

     The UCL Culture & Institute of the America; March 20 at 

     The University of Birmingham, Cadbury Centre for the Public

      Understanding of Religion

  • Honored at the Newseum in Washington DC, Feb. 4. 2017  for authorship of the Coretta Scott King memoirs in conjunction with the Black Journalists Roundtable.  
  • Nominated to the Board of Preachers at the Dr. Martin Luther King International College of Ministry & Laity at Morehouse College, where Dr. King earned his undergraduate degree. The award was presented in August, 2015 in “honor of a life that exemplified the life of Dr. King.” 
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Convocation Speaker at the Roland Park Day School, Baltimore, Md. January 14, 2015. Topic was Two Souls with One Goal. 


  • Featured in Who’s Who in Black Washington in the 2010 and 2011 editions. 
  • Featured on Panel with Michael Duster, granddaughter of Ida B. Wells and Ann Roosevelt, granddaughter of Eleanor and former president Franklin D. Roosevelt, discussing issues effecting public housing, March 23, 2010 Chicago. 
  • Featured on Tony Brown’ Journal on segment entitled “A Brilliant Mind.”  Aired November 5, 2006.  
  • Howard University, Ida B. Wells Award for Advocacy in Journalism, 

May, 2001 (other recipients included acclaimed actress Ms. Ruby 

Dee, and Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Member of Congress)  

  • Honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters, The Ohio State University, August, 1996 
  • Honorary Doctorate of Humanities, Shenandoah University, Winchester, VA, 1995 
  • University of Missouri, (Columbia) School of Communications Award for Distinguished Service in Journalism, 1991  
  • Inducted into the Columbus Ohio Public Schools Hall of Fame, Columbus, Ohio, 1986 










                                        Delivered the 2019 Martin Luther King Day speech at Washington 

                                        University, St. Louis, Mo. Before an audience 1000 students

                                        teachers and administrators.


Delivered the Keynote Address at the 77th annual Reno Nevada Freedom Fund Banquet on the topic “Steadfast and Immovable,” October 14, 2017. 


Saluted and given a certificate of special recognition for the Coretta 

King memoir by U.S. Senator Benjamin R. Cardin on May 7, 2017.   


Saluted and dialogue with Dr. Bernice King at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Center for Social Justice, Atlanta   January 17, 2017. 


Saluted at the National Press Club by the Capitol Press Club for “Telling our own story, pleading our own cause,” National Press Club Ballroom, December 4, 2014. 


  • Awarded Mother of the District Columbia for 2015 by the National Mothers Association. Award was presented at the Willard Hotel, April 23, 2015.   
  • Proclamation from the Prince George’ County Council for exemplary contributions and commitment to public service, issued on October 19, 2010. 
  • The Trumpet Award for outstanding writing in the form of biography for “Out of Hell and Living Well,” presented in Atlanta, May 2005.   
  • Washington Association of Black Journalists Life Time 

Achievement Award, March, 2001 

  • Award for Outstanding Journalism, NAACP of Northern Virginia, April 13, 1997 
  • Drum Major for Justice Award in Communications, The Southern Christian Leadership Conference, 1987  


Civic and Religious Events  


  • Directed Emotional Healing Seminars at the Family Life Center at Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church from 2013 to the present. 


  • Founded and presided over the Harriets Anti-Addiction Ministry at Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church since 1999. This includes monthly worship services specially tailored to those struggling with addictions. Also hold retreats and teach-ins on deliverance from drugs and the perils of overuse or misuse of prescription drugs.      


  • Chaplain and keynote speaker for Summit on ending the culture of violence held in August 2014 and September 2015 at Metropolitan A.M.E. Church in Washington D.C. 
  • Chaplain and keynote speaker for Summit on ending the culture of violence held in August, 2013 at Metropolitan A.M.E. Church in Washington D.C. 
  • History Maker lecturer at the Dorothy Height charter school in September, 2013. 
  • History Makers award for Outstanding Leadership, presented in Chicago, October, 2010. This video interview has now been made a permanent part of the history-makers’ collection at the Library of Congress.  
  • James F. Jenkins Pillar of  Faith Community for Outstanding Contribution to the Spiritual community, United Church of Christ, April, 19,2008.  
  • Commissioner on the 2006 Katrina Truth and Justice Committee Hearing, a panel of national religious and civic leaders charged with investigating the cause and effect of the “Katrina Tragedy” and preparing an action plan for government, religious and civic institutions. 
  • Leadership Washington, Class of 2005. Leadership Washington is described as “a powerful network of exceptional individuals from diverse backgrounds who by invitation only connect to improve themselves, their organizations and the Greater Washington region.” 
  • Woman of the Year Award, Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church, 

Washington DC; January 18, 2004 

  • Allstate “ From Whence We Came Award of Triumph,” presented at the National Council of Negro Women National Headquarters, Washington, DC; March 11, 1997 
  • Sojourner Truth Award, The National Black Leadership 

Conference, Richmond, VA, 1998 

  • Tribute to Barbara Reynolds upon publishing And Still We Rise in the Congressional Record; August 11, 1988  

Selected Lectures and Speeches 


  • Lecturer at Boston University’s Social Justice Institute on Gender equality and theological concepts. August, 6, 2015 
  • Lecturer at Wayne State University in Dayton Ohio on Conspiracies and Assassinations, March, 2009. 
  • Keynote speaker for National Communications Week at Central State College Bill Cosby Center, Wilberforce, Ohio, April, 2009.  
  • Moderator and presenter at the National Press Club for the discussion of media and religion between Dr. Jeremiah Wright, senior pastor of Trinity Church in Chicago and Dr. James Forbes, pastor emeritus of Riverside Church in New York. June, 2007  
  • Speaker on the Media and Social Policy at the Eisenhower Foundation Media Forum on Poverty, Inequality and race conference in Washington D.C. January, 2007. 
  • Speaker at the 2007 National Community Action Foundation Legislative Conference in Washington, DC. March 8, 2007. 
  • Convocation speaker for the Howard University School of Divinity on the state of the media in America, November 4, 2005.  
  • Keynote speaker, along with U.S. Senator Barack 0bama,at the 

Samuel De Witt Proctor Legislative Day Conference on Capitol Hill, May 24, 2005 

  • Guest faculty presenter at the Howard University’s School of 

Medicine National Capital Symposium on Mental Health; “Bridging 

Addictions, Which Treatments Are Right For Your Patient,” HUH Towers Auditorium, July 20, 2004  

  • Guest Preacher, Interdenominational Theological Seminary, Atlanta GA, October 17, 2004; also guest speaker at panel on the national election and the media 
  • Invocation and opening remarks for the National Conference on Battered women, Abused Children and Child Custody, Siena 

College, Loudonville, NY, January 9-10, 2004 

  • The War and the Media at Bowie State University, a major lecture for students sponsored by the Department of Communications, March 8, 2003  
  • The War and the Media at Howard University Law School, 

September 7, 2002 

  • King Day Speaker, The Ohio State University, Mansfield campus, 

January 13, 2001 

  • King Day Speaker, Otterbein College, Westerville, OH, Jan 13, 2001 
  • Keynote Speech on Communications, Jamestown College, Jamestown, ND, March 13, 1999 
  • Lecture:  Dennison University, Feb 23, 1999 “Blacks who Died in the Holocaust: The Untold Story. (This speech was selected for publication in Vital Issues, The Journal of African-American Speeches, Volume XI, No. 4, Winter 2001-Spring 2002) 
  • MLK keynote, College of Wooster, Wooster, OH, Jan. 19, 1999 
  • Keynote Address “Media Ethics and the Public’s Right to Know,” 

Savannah (GA) State University, Mass Communications Program, 

Department of Humanities, March 5, 1998 

  • Charter Day Convocation Speaker, Bennett College, Annie Merner Pfeiffer Chapel, Bennett College, Greensboro, NC  
  • The Detwiler Memorial Address for the George Washington University New Directions Conference, Sept. 27, 1997  
  • Homecoming Sermon  “Wanted Giants, Not Grasshoppers,” Hampton University Hampton, VA, October 29, 1995 
  • 337th Commencement Address, The Ohio State University, St. John’s Arena, Title: “Go Do Something Great,” August, 1996 
  • Keynote Address, 10th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Observance, Old Dominion University, Jan. 13, 1994 
  • Conversations with Barbara Reynolds, The College of William and Mary in Virginia, Ewell Recital Hall, Feb. 8, 1991 

Keynote Industry speeches 

  • Keynote Address: The National Council of Negro Women. Montgomery County Section, October 30, 2010.  
  • Keynote Address, Lucent Technologies, Sheraton Hilton, Washington DC, Sept. 9, 1999 
  • MLK Commemoration Speech, city of Knoxville TN, January 17, 1999 
  • Sister for Sister Conference, “Positive Change, Positive Growth,” September 20, 1998, Richmond, VA. 
  • Closing banquet speaker, The Evan D. Donaldson Adoption 

Institute, Conference on Ethics, Anaheim, Calif. November 5, 1999  

  • Keynote luncheon speaker Women in Communications, “Media Gender and Racial Apartheid,” Capital Hilton, Washington DC, June 15, 1990. 
  • Speaker, Virginia Education Association’s Human Dignity 

Conference, “Celebrating Diversity: Many Voices, Many Dreams,” March 8, 1987 


  • Guest speaker celebrating Black History Month at Greater Mt    Calvary Holy Church for the Male Chorus on The Power of The Song, February 24, 2018 
  • Presentation at the DC City Church February 11, 2018 
  • Video- taped greeting in Parliament (United Kingdom,)        October 20, 2017 on Coretta Scott King 
  • Addressed the Duquesne Law Center in Pittsburg on the topic 

“Morality under siege, November 19, 2017      

  • Keynote speaker at St. George’s Episcopal Church in Washington DC on the subject of Stewardship and Reaping the Benefits of God’s Many Blessings, November 5, 2006.  
  • Convenor and keynote speaker at The Senior Citizens Conference in Springfield, Mass, sponsored by St. John’s Congregational Church, October 27, 2006. 
  • Keynote speaker for the Boston Public Schools Student Services Homeless Students Initiative at the William Devine Golf Course. 

Subject: Standing in the Midst of the Struggle.  May 23, 2006 

  • Convener of Seminar: Drugs, Sex & HIV/AIDS with former Surgeon General Dr. Jocelyn Elders as guest speaker and persons living with HIV/AIDS, members of congress, federal, state and local 

officials as panelists; September 23, 2004 

  • King Day Speech: “Arise and Go On,” Rockville Full Life Fellowship Hall, Rockville MD, January 17, 2004 
  • 37th Annual NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner Keynote Speaker, Wilmington, DE, “Speaking Truth To Power,” Oct. 28, 2001  
  • Black History Address, City of Newark, NJ, Manpower Training Center, Feb. 29, 1999 
  • Keynote Address Sister for Sister Conference, “Positive Change, 

Positive Growth,” Richmond, Va., Sept, 20, 1998 Keynote Address 

Keynote Address for Business and Professional Women/USA 

Capitol Hilton Hotel, Washington, DC, Jan. 31, 1997 

  • Keynote Address for the Hartford Alumnae Chapter, Delta Sigma Theta, March, 1997 
  • Keynote Address, The National Links, Rochester, NY, May 10, 1997 
  • Keynote Address at the National Conference “It Takes an Entire 

Village to Raise a Child,”  Hyatt Regency and Greater Columbus 

Convention Center, Columbus, Ohio, June 14, 1995  

  • The First Annual CEO Conference on Ethics and Excellence, The Nassau Marriott Resort, Nassau, Bahamas, June 25, 1995 
  • Keynote Address Moore Street Baptist Church Annual Women’s Day Observance, Richmond, VA. Dec. 4, 1994 
  • Keynote Address, Black El Paso Democrats, 8th Annual Political 

Awareness Banquet, Westin Paso Del Norte Hotel, Feb. 15, 1991 

  • Keynote Address at the Afro-American Historical and Cultural 

Museum, “The Disappearance of Black Doctors,” Philadelphia, PA, Feb. 2, 1989 

Volunteer Activity 

(partial list) 

  • Instructor at Greater Mt. Calvary Bible Institute. Subjects: The 

Black Presence in the Bible, Pneumatology, 1998-present 

  • Director of Monthly Worship Services for women struggling with addiction, Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church, 1999-present 
  • Keynote speaker for the Step by Step Prison Program, Rochester, 

N.Y. Washington, DC, 2005; spoke at Albion Women’s Prison, May 23,  2005  

  • Women’s Day Preacher, Gethsemane Baptist Church, May, 15, 2005 
  • Guest Preacher at Trinity Episcopal Church on Wall Street and guest on the Trinity Television Talk Show, June 17, 1998 
  • Guest Preacher, for the 11th Quadrennial Assembly for Women, 

(Disciples of Christ) Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana,, June 26, 1998 

  • Chaplain/preacher of the week at the Chautauqua Institution the week of July 27, 1997 (Chautauqua is a summer religious retreat 

where presidents from Dwight Eisenhower to Bill Clinton have visited.) 

  • Women’s Day Praise Luncheon Speaker, Allen African Memorial Church, Jamaica, NY, March 1996 
  • President of Harriet’s Children Inc., a deliverance ministry for women struggling with alcohol and drugs and director of Save the Next Generation, which seeks a better life for at risk children, 1996 to present.  

Dr. Dyana Ziegler, Florida A&M University, 850-942-5927 


Ms. Ella Coleman, publisher of Purpose Magazine,  614-856-3000 

Rev. Dr. Michelle Balamani, Director of Baraka Pastoral Counseling Services, 301-254, 9230 

Bishop Alfred Owens, Jr., Senior Pastor, Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church, Washington, DC, 202-529-4547   

Dr. Lovette Chinwah-Adegbola, Dean of Arts and Sciences, Wesley 

Hall, 1400 Brush Row Road, Wilberforce, Ohio 45384


  • Featured Who’s Who in Black Washington (2010, 2011)
  • History Makers Award for Outstanding Leadership (2010)
  • The Trumpet Award for Outstanding Writing (2005)
  • Leadership Washington (2005) 
  • Life Time Achievement Award – Washington Association of Black Journalists (2001)
  • Allstate “ From Whence We Came Award of Triumph”- National Council of Negro Women  (1997)
  • Sojourner Truth Award, The National Black Leadership Conference – Richmond VA (1998)
  • NAACP Award for Outstanding Journalism-Northern Virginia (1997)
  • Drum Major for Justice Award in Communications, The Southern Christian Leadership Conference (1987)


  • James F. Jenkins Pillar of  Faith Community for Outstanding Contribution to the Spiritual community, United Church of Christ (2008)
  • Woman of the Year Award, Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church, Washington DC (2004)


  • Featured on Panel with Michael Duster, granddaughter of Ida B. Wells and Ann Roosevelt, granddaughter of Eleanor and former president Franklin D. Roosevelt, discussing issues effecting public housing (2010)
  • Howard University – Ida B. Wells Award for Advocacy in Journalism (2001)
  • Ohio State University -Honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters  (1996)
  • Shenandoah University – Honorary Doctorate of Humanities Winchester VA (1995)
  • University of Missouri (Columbia) -School of Communications Award for Distinguished Service in Journalism (1991)
  • Columbus Ohio Public Schools – Inducted to Hall of Fame, Columbus OH (1986)