trump downplaying virus

They are killing us. We still do not have a plan. The only health plan the GOP is following is one to kill Obamacare, which will deny millions health care in the midst of a the worst health crisis of our generation. Our only chance to take back our lives is to dump Trump

Until we can understand violence is not normal and we continue to dismiss black-on-black murder we will lose many valued souls. In the nation’s capital, around where I live many people go to bed every night with the sound of gunshots ringing in their ears, afraid to let their children come out and play. Elderly people cannot go sit on their porch for fear of being killed like Mrs. Lucas Silence will not help this. Black People have two terrible problems. Them and Us and until we solve both we be merely surviving and not thriving.

In defense I said, “well I was just waiting for the rest to come.”

Swaying in the gentle wind, as if she had hips she could put her hands on them, she replied.

I need no crowd, no applause, no permission to blossom, to bloom. I was born to beautify, just like I am.
When you know who you are, why God made you, you just be the best at what you can be.