MLK JR 2021 Celebration at FSU

Florida State University will honor the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. during its 33rd Annual MLK Week from Monday, Jan. 18, through Friday, Jan. 22. The weeklong celebration will feature a range of events, including virtual offerings, inspired by the theme “The Black Women in Our Lives.”


There was blood on the floor and at least 100 bullets were all in the walls, the floor. While most papers reported only the police side that they were engaged in a violent gunbattle with the Panthers, from a police source, I

Coretta kissing dr king

Today is the 93rd birthday of Coretta Scott King, who died in January.
For 30 years she was my mentor and friend. She honored me by allowing me to write her memoirs: My Life, My Love, My Legacy. I pray that one day we will honor and celebrate her birthday. Here was a woman who spent 15 years of her life to help make her husband, one of the greatest martyrs of our generation a holiday and after his birthday served this country for more than three decades as an activist and political voice for good. Here are at least three aspects you should know about her.

Dr barbara reynolds speaks at Taylor university

The speech I gave this year at Taylor University, a predominantly white evangelical university in the Indianapolis suburb, was perplexing yet rewarding. I understood that white evangelicals voted more than 80 percent for Trump in 2016. I came there with a disdain for all who would dare vote for Trump as president, but I left feeling somewhat like Coretta King, my mentor, who could see the good in everyone.

Mitt Romney decides to vote to impeach

God sees all and will judge all. He faced a GOP-filled lions din controlled by an evil ringmaster. As he watched his colleagues cow in fear, bow to power and refuse to honor their vows before God, Sen. Mitt Romney became the lone Republican to vote to impeach a president whose evil and sins are corrupting not only the Senate but the nation. Immediately he was attacked publicly and we can only pray his haters won’t try to harm him or his family. But this too will pass Dr. King also said the arc of the universe is long but it always swings back toward Justice.

The same year he won a Grammy for Best Comedy Album, I Started Out as a child. In 1984, he launched the Cosby Show which along with his book Fatherhood cemented him as America’s Dad in the public mind, but that was soon tarnished.

john h johnson interview usa today with dr barbara reynolds in the book And Still We Rise

He was president of  Johnson Publications located in Chicago where he founded Jet, Ebony, EM magazines, and Negro Digest. Discrimination was so severe in the 1940’s when he launched his first magazines, Johnson had to dress up like a janitor and accompany a white lawyer to be able to enter the building he later bought as his headquarters. When he tried to obtain ads from white firms and to get white corporations to carry his cosmetic lines he was refused.

In 1968 used his skills as a defensive tackle to disarm Sirhan Sirhan, who assassinated Robert Kennedy. The shooting took place while Kennedy was campaigning for the Democratic nomination for president and Grier, a close friend in attendance, wrestled Sirhan down until police came. Grier was not only a skilled athlete but also an actor and singer.