Dr. Reynolds is an ordained minister, veteran journalist, columnist who interviewed Presidents Reagan, Carter, and Clinton. She is co-author of the new memoir, Coretta Scott King: My Life, My Love, My Legacy. She’s also a 7-time author in her own right including Out of Hell & Living Well: Healing from the Inside Out and No! I Won’t Shut Up: 30 Years of Telling It Like It Is. She has written for many major magazines and newspapers including Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, Playboy, Ebony, Essence, and USA Today where she was a columnist and editorial board member for 13 years

My Message

As a little girl, I never dreamed of a time that an African American Woman would be published by mainstream America media like Good Morning America, the New York Times, the Washington Post, USA Today, the Chicago Tribune, and Essence Magazine; or featured on the Orpah Winfrey Show, CNN, CSPAN, and MSNBC. I did not grow up seeing African American journalists on my television. In my rear-view mirror were hateful sentiments and violent actions to make my career journey as a black journalist appear impossible.

I thank God, for the divine intervention of those willing to say differently. Here I am with fifty-plus career years as an awarding winning journalist covering presidents like Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan, and Jimmy Carter.

One of my greatest inspirations came from my friendship with the King Family and through my special relationship as confidant to Coretta Scott King for more than thirty years. I would like to believe that I was one of her biggest cheerleaders, but the reality is, her strength to keep pushing the envelope, and her inner force for good was contagious and I benefited from knowing her tenfold. Coretta demanded greatness in those she loved, and she fought hard for America to recognize the struggle of African Americans. Making Black History Month a national holiday was one of her greatest accomplishments – yet too often her impact is left off of the February event agendas

Published Books, Dr. Barbara Reynolds

Coretta Scott King: A memoir, As Told to Rev. Dr. Barbara A. Reynolds published Jan. 15, 2017 

A Revelation: Walking Backwards Into the Footsteps of Saint Solange by Dr. Solanges Vivens. (Ghostwritten project, published May, 2016. 

TECHNOLOGY AND GOD:  How worship of the created is replacing the Creator: a literary work in progress suited for college and church programs. (Expected publishing 2020.)   

Doing Good In the Hood: The Life, Legacy and Leadership of Bishop Alfred Owens Jr., International Graphics, Washington D.C., and September 2007.       

Out of Hell and Living Well: Healing from the Inside Out: Xulon Press, USA; 2004   

NO I Won’t Shut UP:  30 Years of Telling It Like It Is:  JFJ Publishing, Temple Hills, MD 20757; 1998

And Still We Rise: 50 Black Role Models, Gannett News Media,

McLean, VA; 1985 

Jesse Jackson: America’s David, republished and updated by JFJ Publishing, Temple Hills, MD; 1984

Jesse Jackson: The Man, The Movement & The Myth, Nelson Hall

Publishing, Chicago, IL; 1975



  1. Min. in Pastoral Counseling 

December 1997, United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio

Concentration in Addictions: Building Models of Care for Addicted Women and Their Families

Dissertation:  Harriet’s Children: A Theological Model of Deliverance for Women Addicted to Drugs or Alcohol 

Advisors:  Dr. Marsha Foster Boyd, Dr. Claudette Copeland

M.A. in Religious Studies 

December 1991, Howard University School of Divinity Washington, DC Concentrations: Feminist, Womanist, and Black Theologies;


Thesis: The Sister Within, Reflections on Women and Spirituality  

Neiman Fellow 

1976-1977, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Concentrations: Journalism/Constitutional Law

B.A. in Journalism 

1967, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

Concentrations: News writing and reporting


Winning the world over with her “voice & view,” Dr. Barbara Reynolds motivates individuals across the country to find their voice and share their views, just as she has done over the years in her journalism career, media appearances, ministry, and speaking endeavors. She founded Harriet’s Ministry, a weekly healing conversation for women addicted to alcohol and drugs.

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She has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, C-Span, MSNBC, and hosted her own satellite radio show for almost a decade.

In her journey as a long-time activist for civil rights, women’s equality, and fighting against today’s challenge

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— How Can We Overcome Again: The Next Steps​

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