Introducing:Barbara the Book Coach

Write Life Changing Words Now

Have you ever talked about writing your stories, or dreamed about sharing your ideas or interests in a book? Now is the time to stop talking and dreaming. It’s time to get it done.

I’m a book coach and life change consultant. I teach people how to write and publish biographies and Christian books. I help people transform their experiences into real life stories. Get ready to amaze yourself with your accomplishments. Let us start today and write well together.

Who should work with me?

  • Potential Christian authors
  • Those who have a burning desire to share a meaningful, insightful idea, or interest
  • Those who want to share their experience with others.

As your book coach I plan to help you:

  1. Write compelling life-changing Christian-oriented non-fiction books and biographies.
  2. Move past writer’s blocks and procrastination by setting definite goals and assignments.
  3. Tap into your experiences and life stories to formulate powerful,dynamic and engaging books that help others.
  4. Craft compelling biographies about people others would want to know intimately.
  5. Promote your businesses or advance your point of view by establishing yourselves as experts in your field.
  6. Use social networking and an attractive website to promote and market your books.
  7. Build streams of income through sales of your books through an interactive media presence.
  8. Turn your pain or passion into profits.
  9. Find the drama, the core of your story and build a framework around it.
  10. Stay motivated and build the confidence and skills necessary to make it to the finish line.
  11. Discover your voice.
  12. Expand marketing opportunities for your books through social networking

Video Services

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Rev. Dr. Barbara A. Reynolds
Author, Columnist, Commentator, Book Coach & Speaker