Good News Tuesday!

Finally, some good news. Some major breakthroughs from Tuesday’s November 2017 elections. If we keep up the momentum and vote strong enough to overcome what the GOP plans to steal from us, in 2018 and 2020 we can get our country back.

-Charlotte elects 1st black female mayor

-Philly elects Black Lives Matter lawyer as District Attorney

-Virginia elects 1st transgender state legislator

-New Jersey elects black Lt. Governor

-Virginia elects 2nd black to statewide office (in 140 years)

-Manchester, New Hampshire elects first woman mayor

-Two socialists win statehouse seats

-Medicaid expanded in Maine

-Washington flips State Senate from red to blue

-Virginia House of Delegates elects first two Latinas

-Hoboken, New Jersey elects 1st turbaned Sikh mayor in United States history

-Minneapolis is first major city to elect trans woman of color to city council

-Fayetteville elects black city councilman as mayor over incumbent R

-Charlotte elects Black Lives Matters’ candidate to city council

-Durham city government flips to progressive majority

-Atlantic City mayor flips from R to D

-Two Democratic Socialists members win down ballot in Pennsylvania

-Boston City Council now 6-5 male-female ratio including 4 black women

-Aurora, Colorado elects a Mexican-American over Trump-supporting Republican incumbent

-Santa Barbara elects first Latina mayor

-Edison, NJ school board elects 2 Asian American candidates targeted w/racist fliers

-Delaware County, Pennsylvania flips from GOP to Dem control for first time in 40 years

-Wilmot Collins, a Liberian refugee was elected Mayor of Helena, Montana!

– St. Paul, Minnesota gets a new black Mayor, Melvin Carter

-Oh, and two Republicans from the House of Representatives retired