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coretta-scott-kingThe life story of Coretta Scott King—wife of Martin Luther King Jr., founder of the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change (The King Center), and singular twentieth-century American civil and human rights activist—as told fully for the first time, toward the end of her life, to Rev. Dr. Barbara Reynolds.


out-of-hell-living-wellOut of Hell, Living Well: Healing From the Inside Out is my personal story behind the sound bytes, behind the smiles, and the bright lights. This is a story of what goes on in a troubled soul and a persona drained dry of all self-esteem. It is a story of hellish situations. Some I was born in and some I created. The bigger picture, however, is how I not only survived, but also thrived through divine intervention and a SPIRITUAL MAKEOVER. If you ever felt like you wanted to give up on your dreams, thought that your life would never change; that you would always be rejected or abused, read my story. It will change your life.

It is the epic story of one African-American woman who soared to the highest heights in American journalism. Dr. Barbara A. Reynolds is author of Jesse Jackson: America’s David, And Still We Rise and No I Won’t Shut Up: 30 Years of Telling It Like It Is. She hosted Reynolds Rap on XM satellite and WOL-radio. She mentors students studying journalism and religion at Howard University’s School of Communications. Millions became accustomed to Dr. Reynolds as a columnist and Start-Up Editor at USA Today and a familiar face on CNN and public television.

She was one of the first African American women to be awarded a Nieman Fellow at Harvard University. While soaring professionally, she almost drowned in a private hell of the demons from her past– abandonment by her mother, incest, longing for the children she did not bear, job discrimination and a bad marriage that ended with the “murder of the other woman.”

Desperate to heal herself, she became addicted to a potentially deadly elixir of alcohol and tranquilizers, which almost claimed her life. Miraculously God intervened and performed a Spiritual Makeover– healing from the inside out—and birthed the Harriet’s Anti-Drug Ministry to rescue others from the bondages of addiction.She conducts Spiritual Makeover seminars nationwide. An ordained minister, Dr. Reynolds earned her master’s degree from Howard University School of Divinity and a doctorate from United Theological Seminary.

What People Say About Out of Hell, Living Well: Healing from the Inside Out

“I have witnessed the spiritual transformation of Elder Reynolds. This book shares her very painful, private struggle and serves as a vivid testimony to the power of God to change the mess of our lives into powerful ministries. I highly recommend it.”

Bishop Alfred A. Owens, Jr., Sr. Pastor, Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church, Washington DC

“A fascinating journey into the metamorphosis of a soul. Shocking and inspiring revelations of a resurrected life.”

Rev. Dr Michelle Balamani, author of “Dancing on Our Graves: Healing the Hearts and Souls of Women.”

Barbara SAYS:  Now as a minister, I can understand why I had to go through this valley of abandonment by my mother, incest, racism in my career, alcoholism, a bad marriage, abortions and near mental collapse. I was designed for the purpose of aiding people struggling with drugs, alcohol and other addictions, as well as low self-esteem, to be set free through the intervention of the power of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Down in this valley of agony and despair, I have come to understand addiction,abuse and healing in ways I could never have learned from a textbook. I believe I have made the journey from madness to wellness myself. If I can serve as a guide in that struggle, it is well worth the pain of having lived a troubled life.”

Doing Good in the Hood: The Life, Leadership & Legacy of Bishop Alfred A. Owens Jr.  

Bishop Alfred A. Owens, Jr: has risen from a storefront preacher to a world stage of evangelism. He struggles through life without the love of a father; yet he has become a spiritual father to thousands. With the sameexuberance in which he once preached to seven people, his messages of hope now reach millions. While other churches flee the ghetto for Doing Good in the Hoodthe affluent suburbs, he proudly affirms his congregation “as the church in the hood that will do you good,” and extols his congregants in a mission to “rise up and build.” As he continues to plant churches worldwide, he still walks humbly, loves deeply and has surrendered all to the Gospel. Bishop Alfred Owens has combined spiritual fervor and seminary training to build one of the nation’s most effective Pentecostal institutions.

No, I Won’t Shut Up

This book with a foreword by Coretta Scott King, is a summary of Dr. Barbara Reynolds’ iconic voice on issues of politics, policy and culture for over thirty years. In this body of work, the reader will experience the full measure of Dr. Reynolds telling it like it is. Exclusive autographed copies by the author only available at this website.

No I Won't Shut Up

Jesse Jackson: America’s David

This book got Dr. Barbara Reynolds run out of Chicago when it was first published. She caught hell as the book was one of the first to expose several “facts” about the Jesse Jackson myth as false. The assassination story, the growing up in a shack story, the curious finances of Operation Breadbasket and Jackson’s personal life were all exposed. It is an original behind the scene story exclusively available today on this website.



Jesse Jackson - America's David